Consulting and business services

We help our customers improving their operational efficiency and results with Sourcing and Business Development Consulting.

With our expertize and sourcing channels we focus on direct or indiret costs reduction, supply chain cost reduction and whole chain seamless integration to business processes.

Our services can include following tasks:

  • whole supply chain performance and efficency analysis
  • sourcing strategies
  • business strategy
  • supplier, partner and joint venture strategies, arrangements and agreement negotiations.
  • creating best possible supplier/partnernetwork
  • Information technology systems project planning and implementation support
  • creating scorecard and other measures
  • coaching and supporting management team & key personnel in their daily work

Sourcing services

We provide sourcing and procurement operational services in Finland and procurement office services in China through our partner. We can build our customers turn-key solution including whole supply chain using cost efficient and wide supplier network.

Using our sourcing and procurement services can be useful for example when:

  • own organization does not exist or size of own organization needs to be limited
  • sourcing and procurement work experience and workload is not adequate hiring own experts
  • additinal resources are needed supporting own organization
  • setting up own procurement office in China is in plans but outsourced service is reasonable in the beginning
  • we can use our existing reliable supplier network

System solutions

We can provide as service ERP system readiness analysis and support for project planning & implementation. We can also provide ERP solution and ready made business processes which support fast and easy implementation using existing software platform.

We have created ready made service packages for different business processes and described such model companies when implementing and configuring is fast and efficient. Software platform is so called off the shelf solution when our customer can focus on their own business and systems can be scaled up when business grows.

Our solution works best for customers whose strategy is high growth international business growth and they need to manage large customer-supplier network.

  • simplified processes
  • managing whole supply chain
  • finance and control processes
  • transferring existing information easily


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